Spring is Here

Particularly fond, am I, of spring … And while we are rather past the winter/spring transition to which this flight of fancy refers, I thought it prudent to share.  After all, one must not waste words …

Spring is Here

Spring is here;

Brings with it change.

My life and habits



With paddocks closed

Alas, to dry,

Amuse myself in

Stall, must I


With dreams of fresh

Green grass to eat.

I count the days with

Stomping feet.


On warmer days

Bid rugs farewell

And feel sun on

My back a spell.


With joy I revel

In its beams,

As through the window

Pane it streams


Upon my shiny

New spring coat.

Handsome and dark,

But I won’t gloat.


And birds, they sing

Their song so sweet.

“Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Chirp!

Tweet! Chirp! Tweet! Tweet!”


While buds appear

And set to bloom,

Adorning our great

Garden room.


Yes, I love spring

A time of joy.

Reminds me I’m

A lucky boy.


See you anon at Poet’s Paddock!

Shakespeare “The Equine”

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

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