About Shakespeare “The Equine”

The name Shakespeare is synonymous with great literature. The Shakespeare of old is legendary. The Shakespeare quoted here is a legend in his own(er’s) mind!

Nevertheless, as with any budding wordsmith, this handsome Hanoverian bard’s commentary is culled from his everyday experiences, namely his uncomplicated and somewhat cushy life on the farm. His sonnets are inspired by his mood, the atmosphere in the barn or the quality of the hay that day, and he expounds when the spirit moves. His sensitivity is renown.

Of course, every poet needs access to a pen.

Enter the Scribe ~ writer and equestrienne, Dorothy Chiotti.

Dorothy always dreamed she’d have a horse to call her own, but never imagined he’d arrive on the scene with the registered name Shakespeare and a noggin full of his own “creative” ideas. Since their collaboration began in 2006, Dorothy has learned to accept that, as wise guy and patient teacher, Shakespeare (fondly referred to as Bear) offers freely his exalted opinions (not all repeatable!), and it’s her job to transcribe for broader consumption.

Their poetic ramblings, in varying styles including the sonnets featured here, are designed to appeal to children of all ages.

Dorothy lives in Southern Ontario with her husband, two Lassie collies and two feline rescues.

Shakespeare resides, of course, in Poet’s Paddock.

Howdy, neighbour!

Howdy, neighbour!



6 thoughts on “About Shakespeare “The Equine”

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    • Thank you for the nomination. Much appreciated. I will hold on to it for a while as I need to follow more blogs before I can make my nominations. I gather there is no time limit on this. … Such is the attention span of the musing equine. … See you anon … Shakespeare “The Equine.”

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