Sonnet IX … Blessed be the friend

My valentine to the one I call “Mother,” “Love” and “Scribe.”

Without her pen you’d never know what’s in my heart … or hers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sonnet IX 

Oh, blessed be the friend I see in thee,

Thy spectral luminescence ‘pon me shine.

Thou dost, forsooth, bring out the best in me

And gladly do I give to thee what’s mine.

The greatest of these gifts is that of trust,

For ‘pon my back do I not let thee ride?

Together fly we free o’er sand; through dust

And share a truth none other may abide.

Tis friendship won o’er lo these many years.

A journey o’er both smooth and rocky ground.

While sharing joy and overcoming fears

In heart and mind and and spirit been we bound.

I tell you this as one friend to another,

For me, dear one, there simply is no other.


See you anon in Poet’s Paddock!

Shakespeare “The Equine”

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012